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MARK A. LINTS, R.C.I.C. , I.C.C.R.C R508375

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant


“From my trade industry background in Industrial Metal my career as a Certified Rail Conductor...and my practice as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), I realized that every single occupation require the same personal attributes such as good work ethics, commitment and genuine passion to serve people." 

Our goal is to serve our immigration client with quality and compassion. As a good listener, my client has the opportunity to share their unique stories to give our office the chance to tailor the best approach based on their situations. 

Immigration has always been part of Canada's history. Some may have immigrated recently and some from many years ago...but everyone has their own unique journey to this peace-loving country. My descendant's originated from Scotland and Holland. They too, same as every immigrants, worked hard to provide better future for their families and for their younger generations. They taught me to respect individualism and to accept everyone's differences. My wife Edralyn, has always made me realize that difference's is never a barrier when we embrace who we are,wherever we go... and especially to be ourselves in the community. She is a picture of diversity for me, as she embrace every single person,regardless of race, tradition, culture and values.

As a proud Canadian, I saw the beauty of immigration. Immigration does not promise a perfect canvass, as we may experience some challenges..some errors..some mistakes. However, the challenges of having a diverse community should teach us the sense of openness, understanding, harmony and kindness to one another. Unity is a key ingredient for a stable Canada and for every country's prosperity. Canada is the land of opportunities where one can fulfill their dreams and aspirations and enjoy life's blessings to the fullest with our family, friends and fellowmen.

Like any type of a government program, immigration industry may experience "overuse" of the system at some point in time.But, our Canadian rules and regulations will always stand to ensure that immigration system will always remain with check and balance. This is the reason, why immigration is an ever- changing field. As an Immigration Practitioner, my goal is to assist every eligible client with their genuine immigration filing needs to Canada while abiding to the immigration law as contained in our country's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

EDRALYN R. LINTS, B.Sc. Medical Technology

Authorized Canadian Immigration Agent / Co-owner 

"Immigration is the true color of Canada....and Immigration is all about passion"... I believe this is true, because we have to love what we do. I enjoy every journey of my career, from meeting the client, to learning about their unique background,their goal for their family, and helping them to achieve their aspirations in Canada.   

I was born and raised in the Philippines, and I immigrated to Canada as a temporary worker in 2002.I became a permanent resident in 2005, and then became a Canadian citizen in 2009. I am humbled to call Canada........HOME. This is where I met my husband Mark and bore our child Marco. My parents,siblings,cousins along with their families are now in Canada too. I am thankful to know that I have the opportunity to choose of having a work and life balance. I learned that success in Canada ( and hopefully goes to everyone who migrated to any country), it is not always about what you have built materially, or how successful your economic status is. It is about how you appreciate everything you have and everything you do.It is always how would you reach out and be of service to people around us and people from afar. It is also how you will continuously respect each other's differences and unique characters while staying who you are and your own unique values and personality.

As an Authorized Immigration Agent and being with immigration industry since 2005, I understand that we have a duty to preserve the integrity of our Canadian immigration system by ensuring a quality services. I recognized that compassion and efficient services are what every client needs. Everyone has a unique story, and it is a pleasure to share everyone's goals and dreams for their selves and for their families.

I enjoy working with my husband Mark and knowing that we share same passion, our belief in God through Christ who strengthens us, who has blessed us with this family, the country we are in and the journey we are in for the rest of our lives. It is truly life's simple pleasure. We will always do our very best to ensure that we will continue to serve our clients with only the best quality and efficient services.Working in the immigration industry is definitely challenging, but is also rewarding at the same time when we see a client's happy smile...when we see that they re-united with their Canada. We, at Lints International, looks forward to be part of your future dream to Canada.